Anaesthesia and Pain Management

The Department of anesthesiology and pain relief medicine is headed by Dr Vivek, and is ably supported by Dr Kshitij.
The department is committed to providing the best anaesthetic care for various surgeries of different specialties. The exhaustive list of surgeries done at Jeevan Jyoti hospital includes Orthopedics (fractures, joint and spine), abdominal surgeries (liver, gall bladder, intestine, renal), gynaecologic procedures like IVF, caesarean section, uterine surgeries etc. and many other procedures like Bronchoscopy and ERCP, all of which which require varying levels of anaesthesia . We offer superior treatment with advanced facilities for airway management. We are also equipped with advance monitoring system both in operation theatres and Intensive Care Units.
In our hospital all the procedures of regional anaesthesia are done using modern ultrasound guided facilities and Peripheral Nerve Stimulator. We also have a fully equipped with modern ventilators and dedicated post-operative ICU for patients undergoing surgeries with more than usual risk. The department also works as a team with other specialities like pulmonology and internal medicine to provide best of treatment to critically ill patients admitted in ICU and HDU.

In pain medicine , a department headed by Dr Kshitij, advanced techniques are used to manage various pain syndromes, or to reduce the pain in surgeries, for example;
• Labor epidurals are frequently administered for painless deliveries
• Lower back pain caused by intervertebral disc prolapse or any other reason is treated with advance procedures.
• Complex regional pain syndromes
• Myofascial pain syndromes
• Radiculopathies like cervical, lumbar etc.
• Headaches (migraines, cluster, hemicrania etc.)
• Post stroke pain
• Fibromyalgias