Respiratory Medicine

The Department of Respiratory Medicine is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art specialty department with an efficient team comprising specialized doctors and allied healthcare staff. It is led by Dr Anirudh Lochan, who has more than 10 years of experience of working at various Respiratory medicine hospitals across Delhi-NCR. The vision of this department is to provide innovative and cost-efficient respiratory care for all age groups, according to their needs. The department has inpatient and outpatient departments, as well as a dedicated 7 bedded Respiratory ICU to evaluate and treat various lung conditions. Our highly talented respiratory team is always available to handle critical situations like acute exacerbations of asthma/COPD/ILD, Pneumothorax, Acute or Chronic respiratory failure, Pleural effusions, and various other respiratory illnesses with care, safety, and precision. Our department is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools like Spirometers (Ultrasonic, as well as the latest Impedance oscillometers for pediatric and geriatric patients). We have Video-bronchoscopes as well as Fiber optic bronchoscopes. Our ICU is equipped with the latest invasive and non- invasive ventilators and ABG machines. The Department aims to follow benchmark standards in the field of Respiratory medicine.

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